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REAL Consulting Group provides a range of research, evaluation, applied learning, as well as strategic foresight consulting services for relief and development organizations, NGOs, philanthropies/charities, governments, businesses, religious institutions, and other entities needing fresh perspectives and insight on the complex political, social, cultural, and economic realities. In short, we provide analysis from alternative angles.


REAL was conceptualized in 2015 and officially launched by Dr. Kenly Fenio and Dr. Steven Lichty in 2018. Together we have over 40 years’ experience working across Africa and other regions of the world. Our ability to deliver multi-method, holistic solutions arise from our extensive professional background in an array of sectors, but also our academic background and familiarity with culturally relevant ethnographic tools and both quantitative and qualitative software (NVivo, Dedoose, NodeXL, Stata, SPSS, SurveyCTO, Kumu, Miro, etc.). We work closely as a team, but also maintain an extensive network of scholars and technical specialists across Africa and around the world.  

What does REAL stand for? This is a good question. We have played with many acronyms and work in numerous environments dominated by an "alphabet soup" of acronyms. For the moment, we like to use Research, Evaluation, and Applied Learning, but in short, we are just REAL. REAL Research, REAL Insight, REAL Analysis, and REAL Synthesis.

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