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REAL offers a variety of services for clients, as well as custom-made consultancy packages, based on the following five areas:


  • Outcome Harvesting – We specialize in outcome harvesting evaluation approaches in complex, fragile, and often sensitive environments. 

  • Performance & Impact Evaluation – A bulk of REAL's work is with the collaborative design and implementation of performance and impact evaluations (base, mid, and end-line). We can also partner with local data collection firms with whom we have long-term relationships.

  • Remote Data Collection – REAL had experience with remote data collection prior to Covid-19 requiring such approaches. Our experience has helped us identify creative approaches to gaining important insight from respondents.

  • Deep-Dive Research – We can conduct an extensive ethnographic study of peoples and communities to capture hidden assets, perspectives, worldviews (often described as cultural ‘informal institutions’) that can help or hinder development projects or product marketability.

  • Research Coordination – third-party management of research projects; liaise with in-country experts, governments, universities, think tanks, and policy institutions

  • Desk & Literature Research – We lead in-house studies of a specific topic, delivered as an analytic presentation (paper, public, or workshop) for clients who need external insight.


  • Strategic Foresight –  COVID-19 has disrupted life as we know it, but other disruptive events remain on the horizon. Using a range of tools from strategic foresight and futures studies, REAL assists clients with examining the future, identifying probable, possible, and preferred scenarios, and developing the appropriate strategies and responses to these envisioned futures. 

  • Participatory Futures – We specialize in participatory futures whereby we work to bring futures insight to marginalised populations who may need pre-futures engagement and capacity building to better equip them to provide deep insight into their versions of a preferred future.

  • Futures Literacy – We can provide a range of teachings and trainings to expand an organization's understanding of foresight and futures thinking, thus increasing a group's futures literacy and ability to better engage with the future.

  • Futures Research – Current research explores the intersection of Futures Consciousness, anticipatory futures, trauma, and community-led mental health and psychosocial support programming in marginalized communities in Kenya.

  • Capacity Building – (see section below on capacity building)


  • Program and Evaluation Design and ReviewREAL has developed a hybrid approach called Designing for Human-Centred Systems that pulls together the best of design thinking, human-centered design, and theories of change to develop holistic and creative approaches to program strategy, implementation, evaluation, and learning.

  • TOC/Result Framework Assessment - holistic analysis and review of Theory of Change/Result Frameworks utilizing deep-dive research, cultural intelligence, systems thinking, and Designing for Human-Centred Systems.

  • TOR/RFP Review – This entails an in-depth assessment and advice on clarity and conciseness of ToRs and RFPs, thus enabling clients to acquire more robust proposals.


  • Academic and Research Capacity Building – We work with students, faculty, and university administrators to increase their analytical, research, and administrative capabilities. Primary platforms include interactive workshops, lectures, and one-on-one coaching, mentoring, or consultancy sessions. 

  • Futures Literacy and Strategic Foresight Capacity Building  REAL launched a Futures Fellowship in July 2020 and took six university students from East Africa through a 10-week seminar to introduce them to the basic concepts, tools and approaches used in the futures profession.


  • Research & Evaluation Revivage – We specialize in Repair, vitalization, and salvage of research and evaluation projects that have gone awry due to unforeseen circumstances and/or poor delivery of contracted services. It was this specialization and focus on fixing research/evaluation projects that helped launch REAL in 2018.

  • Research & Evaluation AuditREAL  can review existing research, analysis, and evaluation to confirm or challenge conclusions, findings and/or recommendations, including examining quality control practices. We also conduct longitudinal studies of evaluation practices and reporting to explore long-term outcomes and impact.

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